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Why We’re Different

Why We're Different FlowchartSurveys of Fibromyalgia patients have consistently shown that patients see between 5 and 10 doctors before finding a medical professional who correctly diagnoses their condition and begins successfully treating it.

So why should you believe that our solution will be any different?

 The answer is simple: at Corrective Chiropractic, we treat Fibromyalgia patients Neurologically, Biochemically and Metabolically.

By approaching Fibromyalgia as a neurological stress disorder, we can find the root cause of your many symptoms, without simply masking them with pain medication.

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Here is your step-by-step guide to the Neurological and Structural Tests that guide our Drug-Free Treatment Plan:


#1: Brain-Based Therapy (BBT): We use specific Brain-Based Therapies such as:

  •  Vibration Therapy: Vibration stimulates the back part of the brain called the cerebellum. One of the functions of the cerebellum is control of the spinal muscles
  • REBUILDER: for patients with nerve pain: Stimulates the nerves in the legs, feet and hands to improve their function to decrease pain and numbness
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation for patients with balance disorders, vertigo
  • Specific eye exercises to strengthen weak areas of the brain to improve focus, decrease pain, migraines and decrease vertigo and dizziness.
  • Interactive Metronome: Computer-based program that uses visual, auditory and motor stimulation to increase firing of the brain. (
  • We may also use many other neurological therapies such as auditory, visual, olfactory, caloric stimulation and auricular therapy to improve brain function.


#2: Oxygen Therapy: Oxygen is fuel for your brain and nervous system. Your brain and nervous system need two things to survive…..fuel and activation. Fuel comes in the form of OXYGEN AND GLUCOSE. By using oxygen, we will help you heal faster. By using exercise and brain based care with oxygen therapy (EWOT), we can increase the firing of the brain. By increasing the firing of the brain, we help MANY chronic conditions.

#3 Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression: NSSD creates a negative disc pressure and helps to remove pressure off of the nerves. It also provides a slow stretch of the muscles which fires up the spinal cord to increase firing of brain. (see decompression tab on website)

  • Spinal decompression therapy is highly effective for patients suffering with low back pain, leg pain, neck pain, arm pain and spinal stenosis from herniated and bulging discs.

#4 ATM2 (Active Therapeutic Movement): For patients who have back, neck and/ or hip pain when bending or twisting. Your body has a protective mechanism that prevents damaged tissue from being damaged further. Pain prevents you from moving the damaged tissue into an unsafe position. If the spine is unstable, that defense mechanism will remain even when the damaged tissue is healed.

The ATM2 stabilizes the area of once damaged tissue, which will then short circuit the protective pain response mechanism. This will allow you to bend, twist or extend without pain. A person may have several unstable movements that require stabilizing. The average person requires 6-12 sessions on the ATM2 to remove the abnormal reflex that causes the pain.

 #5 Laser/Light Therapy Effects of Laser/Light Therapy:

  • Increases Circulation and Angiogenesis
  • Reduces or Eliminates Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Reduces Inflammation and Swelling
  • Stimulates and Improves Nerve Function
  • Strengthens and Repairs Bone and Soft Tissue
  • Increases Mobility and Muscle Function

#6 Biomechanical Chiropractic care and Core Stability Exercises: To correct a poorly aligned spine and to strengthen the muscles that support the structure of the spine. This will prevent the reoccurrence of pain. (See spinal corrections tab on website)

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